Tips on Writing a Eulogy

Everything in life requires practice to perform well. And, if what you are about to embark on Writing a Eulogy where you’ll be saying a final , cherished friend or co-worker, then it makes all the more sense to have a help you make it a great deal easier.

I had decided several years ago to create a life saving book for those like yourself in times of great need. That is what I do best; support others at writing a moving and memorable eulogy. If you need tips on How to Write a Memorable Eulogy, then I believe you certainly will find my book useful as so many others have.

A good eulogy will have life, passion, insight, love and encouragement for yourself as the creator as well as for those listening. One tip is writing a eulogy from the heart with a little bit of humor, just enough to relieve some stress without being disrespectful.

A good a eulogy takes only a little time to prepare if you have an experienced coach that anticipates your every needs. This should include the needed quotes, examples and ways to gather eulogy stories.

My second tip on writing a eulogy is clarity. Have a clear direction. There are several styles of eulogies which will work best, and you’ll find those clearly outlined in How to Write a Memorable Eulogy.

My third tip is be sure to rehearse. Rehearsal gives you a feeling of increased confidence. However, don’t worry at bit because I’ll walk you through every step of the journey. With good guidance presenting an inspiring eulogy can be pleasant, easy and inspirational.

As a spiritual teacher and spiritual adviser, I have often counseled my clients on how to deal with writing a eulogy. It occurred to me that if a short and easy to use book was written, I could help many others as well. My information rich book is the easiest resource for you to use in a time of great need. It was crafted with you in mind.

I have placed everything you will need to write a loving, memorable and moving eulogy. It you have me there working beside you, guiding you, then your eulogy will be profoundly easier to write. Eulogies are written during a time of great stress. There is much to be done to make final arrangements for your loved one, friend or colleague. Make it easy on yourself.

My book, How To Write A Memorable Eulogy, is found at It is so easy to use I created it the form of an e-book which means you can immediately download it within minutes after purchase this helpful resource.

I have also included 6 other helpful sections as companion books to How to Write A Memorable Eulogy, found at Here is a list of the six of them, and they are complimentary as well. I wrote them with you and your loved one in mind.

1. Famous Prayers for your Eulogy which give you added comfort, support and a sense of connection to God, the Divine and Angelic presences. Prayer for a eulogy service is one of the most important ways to add comforting words at a time of loss.

2. Famous Eulogies for writing inspiration or to borrow passages from. These make for interesting reading as well.

3. Favorite Biblical Scriptures for your eulogy in the event that you want extra inspiration.

4. which does require a set of guidelines that no one else will tell you about.

5. Ten Ways to After Losing a Loved One, which is as important as writing and presenting any eulogy. You need support. This is a time of change, healing and recovery. I wrote this from the depth of my experience in hospice work.

6. to Get You through a Challenging Time. Affirmations are short healing phrases you can use to help raise you up emotionally, mentally and spiritually during and after the writing of a eulogy, during funeral planning, after burial service and in the days or weeks that follow. Thoughts are powerful ways to focus your spiritual nature, and they can help with maintaining yourself during this transitional time.

I know that if you are reading this post, that this is a time of transition in your life. I have done what I can to be supportive the best way I know how to as a public speaker, spiritual teacher and friend.

I hope you will pick up a copy today of How To Write A Memorable Eulogy, found at, to make your life easier, reduce the stress of writing a eulogy you must be facing and honor your loved one the best way you can. Send them off with a memorable eulogy you will be proud to give. I am here to help you.

My prayers and thoughts are with you. May you feel the healing power of love today, and in the weeks ahead.

With love and compassion,

Christopher Lee May

Author/Speaker/Spiritual Teacher

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