How to Select the Best Meditation Cushion

When teaching I am often asked what is the best for me?

The answer on how to selection the best support for your depends largely on the way you tend to sit on a chair. If you often place your body on the middle, the flat portion of the chair, select a full sized, round meditation cushion. If the zafu is full, you’ll want to force some of the stuffing down to make a small depression where the center of the spine rests on the top surface.

However, if you like to sit forward on the chair like a bird perched ready to take flight, then choose a half moon cushion, which is crescent shaped. The notched area allows you to rest your butt forward while tucking the legs in closer to your body. The legs closer creates more stability.

Finally, if your body is large, curvy and full sized, then go with an meditation cushion extra large size for added roominess. This selection is wider, taller and deeper giving you lots of space to stretch out.

The next question related to this discussion is the zabuton meditation mat.

Do you need one? Most definitely yes, unless suffering with sore knees and ankles is part of your spiritual practice, it is wise to have a to accompany your meditation cushion. Suffering might be encouraged in the US Marines, but a painful body does not burn off any bad karma in meditation. The purpose of the zabuton is to provide a surface beneath the zafu meditation cushion much like a placement under a dinner plate. The zabuton mat also offers a place to rest your prayer beads, place a book or other important spiritual objects.

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