Peace Walk and Mindfulness Meditation

Peace Walk & Mindfulness Meditation is being held at the March 19, Saturday, 9am – noon.

The Peace Walk is an exercise in learning how to apply , to create greater peace and compassion in your life.

Mindfulness practice is learning how to be aware in the , to live with less emphasis on the past or the future but fully enjoy each moment of life. This heals a great deal of depression anxiety, nervous tensions fears and many other issues you face in daily life.

The purpose of this form of meditation is to allow you to become more fully ..
aware of your body,
aware of your actions,
aware of your thinking,
aware of our beliefs,
aware of your feelings, and
all layers of consciousness.

Besides being aware of these things you also learn that you can choose how to respond in the moment so that there is no reason to have to apologize for speaking without thinking or acting out of reflex.

During the Peace Walk, which is an individual journey to find peace in oneself, you will learn to walk instead of speaking or acting in a less than kind way.

You will have access to the Casa’s labyrinth and the Healing Garden after the program ends.

Fee per person: $20.00

This is being hosted by the Franciscan Renewal Center as part of the Season for Nonviolence is to explore a variety of peace and nonviolent practices — especially to see what other faiths can teach us. With that in mind, we have invited Rev. Marvin Brown from the Buddhist tradition to share his thoughts and experience about nonviolence and peace.

The program leader is Rev. Marvin Brown is ordained in the Order of Interbeing (Tiep Hien) a Buddhist Order founded by Ven. Thick Nhat Hanh. He is uniquely qualified to blend Eastern philosophy with Western thought. Marvin is often referred to as a displaced monk, which allows him to bring the mystical and contemplative perspectives into everyday living. Marvin teaches mindfulness practice and classes on metaphysics, mysticism, and history of religion.

We hope you will find the Peace Walk and Mindfulness Meditation helpful to you in your quest for peace and nonviolence.

If you have questions, contact Patti Sills-Trausch, Director of Faith in Action Ministry at 480-948-7460, ext. 130; or e-mail her at
Or Bonnie Wasniewski, Program Coordinator, ext. 155 or

Peace Walk and Mindfulness Meditation event location:
Franciscan Renewal Center
5802 E Lincoln Drive,
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

If you cannot attend, we have many resources for learning to practice Walking Meditation, which is mindfulness meditation through movement or developing your own Insight Meditation daily practice. This an many more meditation resources can be found at our store.

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