Meditation Clothing for retreats or daily use.

If you’re seeking Meditation Clothing for Tibetan Buddhist, Indian Hindu Practitioners offers a wide selection of garments for your enjoyment. Meditation clothing is important because it is one more way to get you into the zone mentally, emotionally and physically before practicing during your sacred times.

I always feel joyful when I wrap up in my meditation shawl. Maybe it’s because I’ve been wearing it for 16 years. All of the wonderful moments spent connecting to Source, God, the Divine, the angels, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are energetically embedded in each fiber of the shawl. Sacred clothing is like a talisman which absorbs the blessings from all of your prayers, meditations, chantings, mantra and visualizations. Meditation garments are akin to your inner spiritual bodies because they shine with the colors that are radiant like the light from within.

At our Meditation clothing is for both lay practitioners as well as ordained monks and nuns. It does not require ordination for you to purchase or wear it. Most meditation centers have this clothing for retreatants who are non-ordained.

The Tibetan Buddhist, lower half-garment or “skirt” is called shamtab which is worn by men and women for meditation retreats, practice periods or during drubchens. Usually, chuba means ‘coat’ and refers to a heavy, outer garment similar to our use of a heavy winter coat(with, or without the sleeves). Sometimes “half chuba” means the meditation skirt as well.

While the monks and nuns meditation shawl is called a “zen” but usually spelled ‘zhen”, so as not to be confused with the Japanese Buddhist Zen word. The zhen shawl is comfortable, versatile and easy to care for. They are popular because everyone needs one no matter what time of year you are meditating or on a retreat.

Regardless what spiritual tradition you practice, i.e., Zen Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhist, Non-denominational inter-faith, Universal Life Church Monasteries, Christian or just a mystic kaleidoscope we offer many selections suitable for your needs.

Click on any link to see pictures of the garments.

With love and compassion,

Christopher Lee May

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