Meditation Chairs for Retreat Centers

If you are hosting a meditation retreat or have a retreat center which needs for classes this information will be beneficial for your consideration.

Our company FourGatescom has 17+ history assisting customers clients world wide at finding the right floor seating solutions. One of the most suitable selections is the . They are an excellent solution for meditation centers, resort meditation classes and for yoga studios. The numerous benefits of this floor seating are the portability, affordability, they’re light weight while providing exceptional back support during classes. The is simply the perfect chair for all meditation centers and retreat gatherings. quick back jack floor seating chair:

~ light weight at about 4 pounds
~ easy to assemble in about 5 minutes
~ low cost and affordable for yoga studios
~ comfortable for floor seating
~ stack-able for ease of storage
~ they come in a wide selection of colors to match or compliment a wide variety of decor, i.e., black, navy, purple, forest green, burgundy, royal blue, red, sand(a sort of pale tan)
~ covers can be replaced when worn or after years of use
~ several styles to select from
~ low cost to ship in quantity to any location world-wide

To review the sizes, features and make color selections while shopping for your back jacks, click here now.

The primary back jack floor seating chairs to choose from are:

1. The Original back jack which is the least expensive and stack-able.

2. The Extra Large back jack, also stack-able selection, suitable for taller users or those with a large body frame.

3. The folding floor chair version which is spring-loaded with a strap to keep it closed when not in use. This selection is best for those who travel a great deal.

They are also other suitable application for this low cost seating:

~ Floor seating for Birthing classes,
~ Individual retreat seating,
~ Portable Meditation chair for seminars,
~ Yoga classes,
~ School classroom story time seating,
~ school reading groups,
~ church groups where circle groups are utilized,
~ association meeting when small group work is being used,
~ lounging around for kids in a play room

The Back Jack is suitable for wherever low cost meditation center seating solutions are required. They’re an all purpose solution well worth considering.

To review product image pictures, make color selections and shop for your back jacks, click here now.

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