Healing With The Masters

I am very excited to announce the upcoming conference. Now in it’s seventh season, the world renowned tele-seminar , hosted by Jennifer McLean, is about to begin.

What is Healing With The Masters?

It is a series of 24 very powerful discussions with some of the finest thought leaders of our time. You will have the special opportunity to listen, enjoy and experience life enhancing enrichment right from your the comfort of your home or office. Each teacher is a light worker sharing their messages of hope, healing, inspiration, laughter and love.

Healing With The Masters is a complimentary tele-seminar series. You are reading correctly, this wisdom and inspirational information is available to listen to initially at no charge.

Why should we listen to Healing With The Masters conference?

You and I need this kind of information to offset all of the negative messages in the media, from government and corporate America. Positive messages enrich your life giving hope and an alternative series of messages compared to those often heard in the press. This is it… the time is now… YOUR time is now.

We live in a rapidly changing world that on the surface seems uncertain, chaotic and at times even frightening. But when we go beneath the crisis of our era, we sense there is the force of God, Higher Power, Source or whatever you wish to call it nudging you and I to step into divine magnificence never before experienced. Our world and every life is being nudged forward to live in greater love, wisdom, faith and cooperation with a bigger plan and purpose. We are here to dream a bigger dream than ever before. There are forces at work behind the scenes which are bringing about a better world. The way to cooperate with that promise is to live the inspired life, rather than a fear based life.

If you are ready to go to those new depths, finally overcome those troubling fears, move beyond excuses, create the life of happiness you deserve and awaken a larger and significant expansion in your life, then Healing With The Masters is just the experience you need.

Healing With The Masters is a remarkable, complimentary event starting on March 8, designed to take you deeper into the amazing planetary and personal shifts that are available for all of us during these special times.

Offered by renowned host Jennifer McLean, CEO of McLean MasterWorks and proven healer, speaker and author in her own right, you will be introduced to the leading luminaries of new thought. This remarkable group of spiritual teachers, healers and inspirational speakers are here to challenge you, share their with love you and raise you up. If is fun to enjoy the positive messages just like sitting at a banquet brimming with wonderful food. You and I need nourishment for our souls to keep up charged.

Jennifer McLean has put together one of the most powerful grouping of 24 life enriching speakers, never before assembled together for the seventh season of the celebrated Healing With The Masters.

More than 120,000 lives in 117 countries have changed through six powerful volumes of Healing With The Masters. This seventh season appears to be profoundly high vibrating for this transitional year of 2011, and set to be a true life changer.

AND for the first time Jennifer is offering a fun contest, giving away $2400 cash AND a fully loaded MacBook Pro Laptop computer, all yours JUST by listening to these life changing calls.

Here is a sampling of some of the luminaries who is joining me on Healing With The Masters (seven of these speakers have been on Oprah!):

Wayne Dyer – author of more than 30 of the most popular and renowned life changing books on the planet!

Dan Millman – New York Times bestselling author of The Way of The Peaceful Warrior AND launching his new book The Four Purposes of Life on Healing With The Masters

James Redfield – Celebrated author of International Blockbuster The Celestine Prophecy, Spiritual Teacher, launching his long anticipated book; The Twelfth Insight!

Neale Donald Walsch – Internationally Recognized Best Selling Author & Spiritual Messenger, creator of Conversation With God Series.

Iyanla Vanzant – Dynamic inspirational speaker, internationally recognized New York Times bestselling author, and spiritual teacher (just last week appeared on Oprah)

Cheryl Richardson – New York Times bestselling and award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and host of The Life Makeover Project with Cheryl Richardson. She is the author The Art of Extreme Self-Care and Take Time for Your Life.

Michael Bernard Beckwith – Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, renowned spiritual teacher, humanitarian, and bestselling author.

Richard Bartlett – Teacher, prominent healer, & creator of the powerful Matrix Energetics healing system.

Sadhguru Visionary Humanitarian, Prominent Spiritual Leader, Yogi, and Profound Mystic.

Hale Dwoskin – New York Times bestselling author and creator of The Sedona Method™, featured teacher in The Secret.

Cynthia Kersey – Bestselling author, speaker, and founder of UNSTOPPABLE Foundation.

Jo Dunning – Known as ”The Miracle Worker” – world renowned spiritual teacher, author, and energy practitioner, creator of The Pulse Technique and innovator behind The Abundance Project.

The best thing is that this is just a SAMPLING of the inspiration you’ll have access to. Each speaker will offer insights into YOUR new direction and purpose!

I share this opportunity with you because your happiness and well-being are important. Click on any link with the phrase Healing With The Masters to learn more and register for the event today. March 8th will be here before you know it, and space on the tele-seminar is limited because there are only so many telephone bridge link spots available.

Wishing you happiness and joy,

Christopher Lee May


One Response to “Healing With The Masters”
  1. zawii says:

    I have an underwater mortgage and the trustee sale is Nov 2 2012. A co-worker told me about Healing with The Masters. I sincerely hope this helps me save my home. I support DD grandchildren and we do not have any where to go or money to go anywhere as it is we do not eat daily.

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