Celebrating The Festival of Enlightenment, Wesak 2011

and Publishing is offering a wonderful opportunity to attend their Celebration The ,aka, 2011. Their program takes place during the Annual Wesak Conference from May 13-17, 2011.

The purpose of this spiritual conference to create practical ways and means to experience a deeper level of fulfillment in daily life. Spirituality is not about spacing out, wearing beads and reading uplifting books – all of which can have benefit. Spirituality has a core purpose of building bridges to higher love and happiness for your benefit and that of the world around you. It is designed to enable you to reach a Source inside of us where you can have conscious love and connect to the fountain of joy.

“You are not a lonely tree on the mountain. You are a forest; you are a river; you are an ocean. You are prosperous.” (Wisdom of the Zodiac, Aquarius, p. 7.)

We’re asking you, and all our friends, colleagues, students, and supporters to take a few days to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily for several days in order to enjoy this strategically retreat. Working in a field of mental, emotional and physical energy with like minded people, and with the aid of group work on happiness, joy, and bliss, will prepare to enter into a higher degree of , or Service the the Plan and Purpose of God’s intention for your life.

What does that mean to you? Rev. , captures your hopes, life intentions and needs clearly when he writes:

“What are you giving to God? That is what the Hierarchy demands, that you penetrate into it and say, “Lord, I think I am ready.” They will ask, “How are you ready?” “My body is healthy. My emotions are pure, inclusive and all-embracing. My mind is sharp and clear. I can think in the light of Your Beauty, Goodness, Truth. My personality is educated and disciplined……..now I think I am ready. Can I serve You?” They will say “Good, good, good. You come here,” and They send you to the most obnoxious places in the world to try out your vision, energy, and purpose. You succeed and then They elevate you, slowly, slowly making you work in the places where they need your prayers, your blessings, your light, your love and your willpower. Now you have entered into the first degree of Hierarchical service. (The Eyes of Hierarchy, p. 146.)

Join the welcoming TSG Foundation group in Cave Creek, Arizona for a powerful series of lectures and workshops created to help you find the , the clarity of and how to live a . At the conference you’ll be enriched by readings, meditations, lectures, prayers and networking with some of the most loving people you’ll ever want to meet.

Our friends and staff at TSG Foundation look forward to seeing you in May for an experience that will you enriched with greater insight, loving-kindness, joy and healing all year long.

For more information, to register and attend the Conference, click here now.

Gita Saraydian, the founder of TSG will be hosting the event. She is a gifted teacher with enormous experience as a spiritual teacher, speaker and professional to draw from. gita photo Celebrating The Festival of Enlightenment, Wesak 2011

Contact TSG Foundation by e-mail through this link, or by telephone at: 480.502.1909
Email: info@tsgfoundation.org
Place: Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center (Carefree, Arizona U.S.A.)
Cost: US $375.00 per person
Includes: Friday night banquet and program, breakfasts, and lunches
Program Information

Please note that travel & Accommodations not included in the conference pricing. The staff at TSG can help your find local accommodations at some fine hotels.

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