Benefits of Learning Sanskrit, The Language of Love, Wisdom and Joy

There are many benefits of learning Sanskrit, the powerful language of love, wisdom, knowledge and joy. Ancient languages like Sanskrit were developed by masters of wisdom and loving-kindness to embody through the the perfect archetypes in the mind of God. It is not a difficult language to learn when you have a good teacher, and well crafted study materials that are easy to follow, engaging and even fun to work with.

After and chanting it for over 35 years I decided to roll up my sleeves to study it more formally. I was surprised how easy it has been. So, I’ve been enjoying a on CD for some time now while working, driving in the car or taking time in the evening after dinner. I love the course because the power of has come more to life for the than ever before. Each time I listen to the Cds’ I feel the vibrational life energy of the Sanskrit sound in new ways. I now listen better to mantras, to chants or when reading any book with references to mantra and Sanskrit. I now “feel” the sound even more deeply than ever before. The name of this powerful course is: Sanskrit Language Course on CD, sessions I and II by Vyaas Houston. In short, this course has focused my mind with my heart in a more unified way.

The Sanskrit language is the noble , and this course Sanskrit Language Course on CD is a comprehensive yet easy to follow program for mastering the Sanskrit language. The sounds of each word vibrate with greater impact now that I am mastering the listening, reading and pronunication with great ease.

The lessons in this Sanskrit Language Course are offered are to equip any beginning student with an excellent set of skills. In this introductory series you will discover why this sacred language of rishis, yogis, holy people has been used to capture the inner archetype of ideas beyond the world of thought. And, some of the world’s greatest wisdom teaching has been embodied using this language. Any student of Buddhism, Hinduism, religious studies, Vedic studies or Ayruveda will benefit this course.

You’ll learn through the alphabet and sanskrit pronunciation, plus more indepth study of simple sandhi (combination of sounds), vocabulary, noun and verb forms. Plus, have plenty of rehearsal opportunities while listening to the course.

The easy to follow series includes alphabet and Sanskrit pronunciation, plus more indepth study of simple sandhi (combination of sounds), vocabulary, noun and verb forms.

Broken into 12 lessons, Sanskrit by CD is designed according to modern language with oral drills, grammatical explanations, and written exercises. Followed by our Subscription programs, and aided by the Sanskrit Atlas 1.0 for reference, this program will have you reading ancient Sanskrit literature in its original form.

This 2-part program has five powerful educational course features:

1. 16 CDs come in a handsome white Vinyl carrying case.

2. This course has 275 pages (8-1/2″ x 11″) with large type, and makes reading Sanskrit a pleasure. Anyone can learn from the easy to follow text because the layout is intuitive with a natural flow.

3. The Sanskrit Language Course on CD, session 1 & 2 comes in a soft 3-ring binder, with color-coded indexes.

4. There are 22 full-page illustrations of mouth positions, essential for learning proper Sanskrit pronunciation. These visual aids allow you to picture the mouth and tongue positions while listening to the audio course. They are designed to work together for maximum understanding visually and aural aspects of your learning aparatus.

5. The Sankrit Language Course also includes 18 pages of color-coded diagrams showing the symmetry of the language.

There are plenty of easy to follow instructive exercises with answer keys that help you to master the material. The course has been used for well over a decade with a large number of

This course teaches the forms most essential to Sanskrit literature, in order of frequency of usage.

One important bonus feature is having telephone and/or written consultation to provide support when you need it.

What I also have enjoyed about the Sanskrit Language Course is the instructors voice is very musical making it pleasant to listen to. He gives you plenty of practice sessions which allow you to repeat the vowels, consonants, blends and words/phrases. This course is well priced for the easy to follow, yet indepth content.

If you are a student of mantra, Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedic studies or the ancient wisdom of India, then this course is a must have. It far outways simply have a written book or dictionary.

To purchase your copy, click here or on any link with the course name of
Sanskrit Language Course. We have sold many of these wonderful courses over the past 14 years with great success.

It is fun to learn a new language that you can use whenever you want. Chanting mantra will be more fun, more joyful and energetizing when you feel the power of the sound from reciting the Sanskrit more clearly. I love this Sanskrit Language Course just because the power of sacred sound now has come more to life for the than ever before.

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